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Module Description

Introduction to Probability





This module is aimed at students who are taking their first course in probability and statistics. This module introduces students to the main probability concepts upon which statistical analysis is based.


The following is a list of the specific topics this module covers.

  1. Empirical Probability:
      Sample space, universe, events, simple unconditional probability, and odds ratios.

  2. Laws, Rules, and Axioms of Probability.

  3. Counting Techniques:
      Permutations, ordered arrangement, combinations, unordered arrangement.

  4. Conditional Probability:
      Joint probability, marginal probability, and independence.

  5. Bayesian Probability.

  6. Random Variables:
      Discrete variables, continuous variables, and expected value.

  7. Discrete Probability Distributions:
      Uniform, proportional, triangular, binomial distribution, hypergeometric, geometric, negative binomial, Poisson distribution, probability function.

  8. Continuous Probability Distributions:
      Uniform, exponential, gamma, beta, normal distribution, Student's t, Chi-squared, and F.

  9. Pari Mutuel Games and Lotteries.

  10. Questions: 675 practice questions with explained solutions.



Pre-requisites for this Module


There are no college level pre-requisites for this module. Only a knowledge and understanding of basic math is needed. That understanding includes the ability to perform computations with percentages, fractions, and exponents.


This module is a pre-requisite for the Introduction to Statistics module.




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