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For Taxpayers with Non-Complex Tax Returns for the 2019 Tax Year


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Nota Bene:

This calculator computes only an estimate of the income tax on gambing winnings for individuals with fairly straightforward tax situations. This calculator is not appropriate for individuals who are aged 65 years or more, have dividend or capital gains income, rental property income, self-employment income, farming income, who receive Social Security benefits, or have made contributions to a traditional IRA. Nor is it appropriate for individuals with casualty or theft losses, or investment interest deductions. There is an enhanced version of this calculator which meets the needs of indivduals with such tax situations.

In addition, the alternative minimum tax (AMT) is not accounted for in the computation of the estimated tax. If your tax situation is such that gambling winnings trigger the AMT, this calculator will not detect that or show that additional tax. Nor does this calculator address Net Operating Losses (NOL). If your tax situation includes an NOL, this calculator will not show the reduction in tax. We have not yet developed a calculator whch accounts for the AMT or for NOLs.