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Module Description

Calculus I - Differentiation





This module is aimed at students who are taking their first course in calculus and have taken prior mathematics courses that included algebra, trigonometry, and geometry.


The following is a list of the specific topics this module covers.

  1. Limits:
      Definition, continuity, basic theorems.

  2. Derivatives:
      Rate of change, position, velocity, acceleration.

  3. Rules of Differentiation:
      Chain rule, quotient rule, reciprocal rule, product rule, sums rule, scalar multiple rule, inverse rule.

  4. Graphing:
      Increasing function, decreasing function, maximum, minimum, convexity, point of inflection, cusp, vertical asymptote, horizontal asymptote.

  5. Optimization:
      Profit maximization, revenue maximization, cost minimization.

  6. Special Functions:
      Trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions, exponential functions, implicit differentiation.

  7. Questions: 1,000 practice questions with explained solutions.



Pre-requisites for this Module


This module requires prior knowledge of algebra and geometry.


This module is a pre-requisite for the Calculus II module on integration.




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